Have you ever thought about the advantage of concluding an online Order for industrial components and making the withdrawal independently, on any day at any time?

With FP Modena S.r.l. from today you can: – Easily order the component you want from our store fpmodena.it.

– Choose the option ” 24-hour NO STOP service – H24 COLLECTION”.

– Track the withdrawal through a unique code that is assigned to you as soon as it is deposited by the operator of our warehouse.

– Collect the goods personally (or instruct your trusted courier) through the FP ATM available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

FP Modena, a company of the SEALCORE Network group, thinks about your business and how to facilitate the procurement of industrial components. We have always been by your side with Fast and Functional supplies; from today we can also say Practices!