Duepi S.r.l.

via Natta 9
25036 Palazzolo sull’Oglio (BS)
phone +39 030 740 1537
fax +39 030 740 1538

Molds design and manufacturing.
Injection molding of custom made articles, in techno-polymers and liquid silicon.
Articles produced with 3D printers.

Duepi S.r.l. is specialized in the production of custom made items produced with various techno-polymers and liquid silicon. Thanks to our competence in the designing and the manufacturing of molds and tools made on customer’s needs, we are able to offer finished single ready-made articles or assembled sets.

Duepi S.r.l. has a long experience with the most modern technologies and machine tools in the Rubber and Plastic industry. The know-how of the engineers, the computerized and robotized molding technologies, as much as the versatility of the techno-polymers allow us to create a wide range of products for the most various applications: from custom made elements for the early childhood, to the electric and electronic industry going through the pharmaceutical and the hydraulic industrial sectors, satisfying the largest demand for the most various technical needs.

In 2016 thanks to the great competence of its team Duepi S.r.l. was able to extend its range or products to new types of materials such as luminous techno-polymers, and special elastomers like liquid silicon.

The design and creation of articles according to drawing starting from the study of the mold, make Duepi S.r.l. a valid partner also for those Companies, that want to produce the final products by themselves and are looking for a good supplier and consultant for the molds.

From 2018 Duepi S.r.l. has been equipped with 3D printing machines, adding a new department to existing ones. With this new production range it is possible to manufacture and propose 3D printed articles with sintered polymer powder to be used as pototypes or as small batches that can be used as finished items. With other machies we can 3D print with acrylic materials, articles that can be used as marketing and gadget.